With years of experience in international transportation, Mooreman Supply Chain, as an international logistics and freight service agent, provides professional and personalized transportation services for large and small companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations and individuals. Thanks to the joint efforts of experienced experts in our professional team, we can guarantee your goods to be delivered on time and in good condition within the planned budget. Mooreman Supply Chain is mainly engaged in international railway transportation, and acts as the special agent of China Railway Express. We are committed to strict principles of service integrity, efficiency, accuracy and flexibility. We believe we have earned the trust of our customers as their preferred shipping partner. Our headquarter is located in Harbin, China. There are branches in Shanghai, Tianjin and Moscow. We strive to deliver your goods on time and at competitive prices.
Freight Forwarding Services
Freight services are especially important today. This is due to the rapid development of trade, industry, construction and other fields of society. They have a lot of subtlety and specialness. Loading goods into vehicles and delivering them to their destinations is just one small part of the process. Legal and regulatory requirements, permits and licenses are required. Modern Freight Forwarding offers it all. They offer a wide range of services to accompany products in transport, guaranteeing safety, security and compliance with the standards prescribed by law. Customers highly value such companies and trust them to transport a variety of cargo, including dangerous, bulky and fragile cargo.
A freight forwarding company has a wide range of functional characteristics. It has a much larger capacity than normal shipping companies because it only does shipping. Freight forwarding assistance includes:
Legal support: filling out contracts, forms, bills of lading
Legal assistance when passing through national customs points
Special permission for transportation, transportation of special products
Compare: Rail Freight - Air Freight - Sea Freight
Rail freight is more expensive than sea freight, but more profitable than air freight. This shows that this mode of transportation is well suited for shipping valuable industrial goods, shipping new vehicles, electronic and computer equipment, and shipping seasonal goods that need to be delivered to their final destination as quickly as possible. The average freight train has 41 containers, which is equivalent to nine Boeing 777s. But it’s a very different story compared to steamships: the largest container ships in operation today can carry more than 21,000 20-foot containers, the equivalent of more than 400 freight trains. Greener than air travel. The argument that sea freight remains the greenest form of transport, but with significantly lower CO2 emissions than air travel, is gaining weight. Trains are of course slower than planes, but on the other hand, transportation costs are much lower. Companies that "skip the ship" with goods directly from China were previously forced to book expensive air travel to get their goods to their destinations on time. Railways now offer a solution for transporting goods to Europe several times cheaper than air freight. How does rail cost compare to air and sea freight? Of course it depends on origin, destination and volume, but a simple rule of thumb is that shipping a container door to door by rail costs twice as much as shipping by sea and four times as much by air. This is partly due to the Chinese government artificially lowering the cost of rail transport.
Multimodal cargo transport: door to door

When the same container is transported in more than one way during a journey, it is called intermodal.

As with air and sea freight, you need to consider the movement of your goods before and after they are shipped by rail. For rail transport, you will need to pack your goods in containers which can be rented from the rail operator's container yard.

Compared to seaports, rail operators have much smaller warehouses. Therefore, you need to carefully consider shipping to and from your warehouse, where storage space is more limited. If your warehouse is located next to a container warehouse, it is better to have the goods transshipped in containers on the way to the warehouse rather than renting empty containers to load at your premises.

And vice versa when you reach your destination. After the container has been unloaded, it must be returned to the yard, so you need to decide whether to unload it at the yard or transport the container by road to its final destination.

Advantages of railway transportation in speed

Shipping time is 10 to 18 days, depending on the route. That's half the time it takes to ship containers by sea, especially since "slow sailing" was introduced to save fuel. With shorter transit times, businesses can respond faster to changing market demands. Additionally, shorter transit times lead to increased turnover, which reduces inventory in the supply chain. In other words: businesses can free up working capital and reduce the cost of capital. Therefore, rail transport is an attractive alternative to sea transport, for example for expensive electronics.

Rail freight from China to Russia grows rapidly

In addition to air and sea freight, one way of transporting goods between China and Europe is now becoming more and more attractive - rail transport. Currently, trains carrying containers from northern and central China to Europe take 15 to 18 days to make the rail journey from one terminal to another. This transit time is expected to be shortened to 10 days in the near future. In this white paper, we take a detailed look at the advantages and challenges of this approach.

Twenty years ago, trade between China and Europe was in its infancy, in stark contrast to today, when the two countries have formed one of the world's largest economic partnerships. In this short period of time, they became financially interdependent in a way no one could have imagined.

Rail Transport and the Silk Road

The idea of the Silk Road, rail transport from China, became an excellent option when the Agreement on International Rail Goods Transport (SMGS) was signed in 2008.

Rail transport has cut the time it takes to transport goods from China by nearly half. Every year, the number of goods imported from China in this way increases. Over the past 5 years rail freight prices have dropped by over 100% and are now very, very cheap.

LCL Shipping - Ocean shipments may take up to 70 days. These are long delayed deliveries. Especially if the item is purchased for a specific purpose, such as specials and promotions. A single day of delay can cost the importer a lot.

An ideal alternative to sea freight has proven to be rail transport from China. This saves not only time, but money as well.

China Railway Shipping is the most convenient option for shipping goods from China. The main advantage of this type is the ratio of price and speed of delivery.

When ordering the transportation of goods by rail in our company, you will first receive questions from our staff about what you want to transport, since providing information is necessary to choose the most beneficial option for you, based on your cargo information we will Offer you an offer.

The main advantages of China's container train transportation
China's extensive railway network with increasing number of stations
Weather conditions have little impact on China's container rail transport
The cheapest shipping method for freight after sea freight
Faster shipping time compared to sea freight
The stage of railway transportation from China to Russia includes

At this stage, shipments to different railway stations in Russia are possible. In Moscow, trains from China came to Volsino station for further customs clearance. It is also possible to redirect rail containers from China to the following regions from Zabaikalsk: Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, etc.

Main Advantages of China Railway Freight Container Transportation
Suggestions for Shipping Containers from China to Russia by Railway
Fast container train transportation from China to Russia is suitable for steady supply of goods and goods. This type of delivery applies when the volume of the cargo corresponds to the volume of the container.
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